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A Comprehensive Approach

Services are customized to meet the specific needs of each school by working collaboratively throughout the entire process. 

  • Have you mapped your curriculum, making your desired student learning outcomes clear to teachers, students, and parents?

  • Is your curriculum aligned to benchmarks? Have you identified gaps and overlaps?

  • Is your curriculum consistent from teacher-to-teacher and grade-to-grade?

Contact me to find out how I can help today.

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Curriculum Design

Have you considered that you could gain significant curricular direction for your school that is both affordable and impactful for staff? Compass Education has helped several schools through visits that can be scheduled on a quarterly, monthly, or customizable basis. Areas of address include:

  • To what standards should your school align?

  • Where to begin to improve your school curricular program?

  • How to put together an effective process to map your curriculum.

  • Research on the most effective tools to use with curriculum mapping and student testing.

  • Cannot afford a full-time curriculum director? Contract one for help with curriculum work.

  • Would like to have an evaluation of your current curriculum? There is a logical sequence to curriculum work and a process to improve upon what your school is already working hard at doing.

Invite Dr. Lynne Little and Compass Education to design a customized, long-range plan for curriculum work and school improvement! 

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